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Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, and Career Coaching

Executive and Leadership Coaching services include personality and leadership style
assessments; a focus on values based goal setting; and the option of individual or small
group participation applying an action based, experiential coaching model.
Executive and leadership coaching is purposeful and time-based, to provide each client
with successful momentum toward reaching their professional goals. Coaching topics
may include enhanced business communication, conflict management strategies,
building and managing effective teams, and creating career progression road maps.
Education and coaching training include a Masters from the University of San Francisco
in Organization Development and Human Resources as well as intensive training at the
American Cancer Society as a member of the National Coaching Cadre.

Life Coaching is a spiritually based practice focused on a holistic perspective;
incorporating mind, body, and spirit elements to guide clients on their life path.
I use a blend of spiritual, inspirational and pragmatic approaches aligned with each
client’s perspectives and needs. Results include authenticity of purpose and direction,
values clarification, and validity of self.
With humor, integrity and compassion, I help you create the blueprint for you to write
your life script.

Career Coaching services include personality style and career inventory assessments;
job search tools and techniques; resume review and critique; interview preparation and
success tools; as well as salary and benefits package negotiation.
Each client is unique and therefore, I tailor my career coaching to fit the client’s needs
and preferences. Typically, the first meeting includes a brief assessment of the person’s
goals, values and current career challenges. After discussing and agreeing upon their
goals and aspirations, we define a step by step process to achieve them.
I currently have a 100% success rate with clients in securing a job, defining a new career
path and/or negotiating improvements in current employment situations.

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