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Managing Through Turbulent Times


Managing Through Turbulent Times: Navigating the Rapids of Change
Managing Change effectively can produce a high performance team, drive company performance to
new heights, and increase employee engagement and morale. Done ineffectively and without sufficient communication and planning; managers, leaders, and employees are left adrift – in the rapids of change without a paddle! A missing element from many Change Management programs is the knowledge and appreciation for the emotional and psychological shift that must be examined and integrated on an individual, team and organizational level. This critical component can make or break an organizational change.

Managing Through Turbulent Times provides a forum to examine ALL the elements of change, including the emotional underpinnings of change. In this workshop, you will learn the difference between the change event and the transition to the new state of affairs. Participants will examine their readiness for change, identify strategies for implementing change effectively, and develop a communication plan to inform and engage the organization about positive change outcomes.

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