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Exercising the Habit Muscle

Exercising the Habit Muscle – Build Success through the Power of Habit
“All our life, so far as it has definite form, is but a mass of habits.”
William James

Habits form the structure for our daily professional and personal lives. Imagine how much gray matter is saved daily through our habits and routines – how we dress, drive our cars, and engage in mundane tasks is the result of a learned series of tasks chunked together in a habit. Habits, both good and bad, free up our minds to focus on more complex, analytical and creative thinking. Harnessing the power of habit can change our teams, our organizations and ourselves by building new winning habits to ensure goals are met.

Exercising the Habit Muscle is an interactive workshop that covers brain research, individual examples, and organization’s experiences with habit formation. During this interactive workshop, participants will engage in discussion and activities focused on incorporating the habit loop in their lives to build job search and career success.

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