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Kahunas Teach the Spirit of Aloha


Hele me kahau ‘oli

 ‘Go with Joy’     Gilbert Grosvenor

Soft fragrant breezes encircle my body and relax my spirit as I descend the United Airlines steps onto the island soil of Honolulu, Oahu, May 28th, 1978.  The charms and culture of Aloha entranced me from the beginning….

Aloha – It’s Island Time

Aloha means “the presence of breath” or “the breath of life.”  Hawaiian priests – kahunas – taught the spirit of aloha as a way of living and treating others with love and respect.  Grab your sunscreen, flip flops and surfboard – let’s go Hawaiian to learn the lessons of the islands and the spirit of Aloha.


HAWAII – ‘Orchid Isle,’ named for the largest orchid crop of the island chain – boasts rugged and dramatic terrain; erupting, active volcanoes; and giant lava tubes you can walk through.  Expansive rainfall; magnificent orchids, and world re-known Kona coffee tantalize and reward our senses.  Mauna Kea, the world’s highest mountain at 13,796 feet, challenges athletes with Pineapple Powder skiing!  A rainbow of pink, green, black and white beach sands await our feet.  HAWAII embodies, “Be all you can be!  Own your beauty and gifts; be proud of what you are; stand TALL!”



MAUI – ‘Valley Isle,’ refers to a lush valley guarded by two shield volcanoes.  Brilliant rainbows over valley ridges and fragrant, gentle rains falling on our sundrenched skin remind us to rejoice and honor in Mother Earth’s gifts.  Long stretches of white pearl sand beaches framed with tall majestic palm trees contrast with stunning sunrises on Haleakala’s 9,740 ft peak.  Humpback whale watching, sugar cane production and advanced astronomy research co-exist on this land of paradise.  Maui whispers, “Slow down, savor and flow with nature’s changing winds, rains and tides.”


OAHU – ‘Gathering Place,’ offers many sites and delights, drawing mahilinis [strangers] to this popular island.  Diamond Head, National Cemetery at Punchbowl, Waikiki beach, and Pearl Harbor beckon the throngs to busy Oahu.  My son’s first visit was spent swimming, sunning and exploring the wonders of the Iolani Palace, royal residence of Hawaii’s monarchy.  Derek accompanied me when I ran 2002 Honolulu Marathon – surfing the waves at Waikiki Beach, and snorkeling in Hanauma Bay.  Film and TV crews drawn to this famed island location shot Blue Crush; Karate Kid; Jurassic Park; Hawaii Five-O; and Magnum, P.I.  Oahu echoes, “Be a friend to others, co-exist in peace and join in community.”



KAUAI – ‘Garden Isle’ depicts lush, green jungle and dramatic cliffs rising from one of wettest spots on earth.  The fertile land produces guava, mango, papaya, avocado, star fruit, pineapple and coffee.  Hanelei Bay was the location for the celebrated Bali Hai scene fromSouth Pacific.  Kauai’s name translates as “place around the neck” meaning how a father would carry his child.  Kauai, oldest of main islands, reminds us:  “Honor the wisdom of your elders – seek truth and counsel from those you respect and trust.”


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