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Herding CATS during the Pandemic, We Need Leaders Now!!

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

John Quincy Adams

If you are anything like me, during the coronavirus pandemic your inbox has been flooded with clever, heartfelt, well intentioned messages from on-line catalogues, restaurants, financial institutions, insurance companies and more – some you didn’t even recognize. Messages offered reassurance, information, and inspiration during the first wave of this crisis.

WHO did I respond to? Organizations, institutions, and individuals who inspired me to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.

Here are three examples from a CEO of a major international airline, a credit union, and an international coaching duo – LEADERS all.

Dream more C.J. Hayden and Kristine Carey of Get Clients Now! offered current and former clients zoom hang-outs that inspired participants to re-think their business assumptions, pivot direction, and think BIG while keeping one’s sneakers on the ground! The international coaching duo teamed up in an artful, creative way – sharing their wisdom and best practices while providing an open forum for discussion.

Why did I respond to their offer for a FREE webinar among the hundreds to hit my email inbox? They got it right by balancing humility, humor, and a heap of relevant information and resources.

Learn more and do more Swirling thoughts of financial insecurity and loss amidst the tangible fear of contracting the coronavirus prompted me to say YES to a webinar sponsored by Patelco Credit Union. Two financial and economic experts, Brian S. Wesbury, First Trust Advisors, and Chris Constantino, Riverfront Investment, dispensed their expertise and wisdom to novices as well as seasoned investors.

It was fun – I felt like I was in college again! I learned about economic trends and potential business outcomes both domestic and international. On a more pragmatic level, I was motivated and challenged to take action. I examined short and long-term financial goals, took an honest look at my cash flow, and pruned some unnecessary expenses. No more Coach purses in the immediate future.

Become more. Scott Kirby, CEO of United Airlines, sent an informative, compelling, and humble email describing exactly what the employees have done to ensure safety while flying on United. He also described how employees are contributing their energy and knowledge to fighting the pandemic.

As Scott Kirby stated:

“While we may not know when this pandemic will subside, what we do know is that travel is so deeply woven into the fabric of our global culture. We all desire to visit family, dance at a friend’s wedding, hug parents…and see the wonders of this beautiful world…We are confident that travel will return. And when it does, United Airlines will be ready to serve you again in the friendly skies.”

Another UA message described how a Houston-based employee, Mark Zessin, showed leadership in becoming more by utilizing a cargo facility to move between 3,000-6,000 disaster relief boxes and produce bags every shift, supporting the Houston Food Bank. Wow!

Dream more, learn more, do more and become more – These leaders got it right. Each offered information, reassurance, and commitment while demonstrating authenticity and integrity.

During this time of uncertainty, you may be asking where do I go next? How can I lead my team, my business, my community organization, myself?

Contact me to start the conversation regarding your personal or business leadership goals. As we collectively grapple with innovative ways of engaging, collaborating, and creating a new normal for our world, we need competent leaders NOW! karen@haleyallenassociates.com


Karen Haley Allen, M.A., is an international leadership coach and retreat facilitator. A former leadership and global business instructor at UC Berkeley, Dominican University and ITU, she founded HALEY ALLEN ASSOCIATES – “Our mission is to challenge and empower leaders and their teams to align their deepest values with business results.”