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Mission - to challenge and empower leaders and their teams to align their deepest values with business results.
GROW your team, your organization and your talent.


New York

Energy, global power, and diversity mark a thriving cultural and financial hub. Illuminate and ignite your dynamic, talented, industrious international and local teams.


Harmony, responsibility and honor....lead your teams and yourself to greater heights! Synergize your creativity and strengths to improve the whole.


Elegance, style and grace...lead your organization, your team and your community with a style that suits your culture, values and business.


Aloha means ‘breath of life.’ White pearl sand beaches, lush rain soaked valleys guarded by two shield volcanoes, and tall majestic palm trees remind us to savor nature’s gifts. Expand your leadership gifts in a tropical setting.


Leadership involves vision, passion, purpose, drive, communication, energy, and faith. It involves humility and empathy to engage others to follow with continued commitment.


A TEAM is a collection of people who come together with a defined purpose - to envision, create, invent and implement a specific project or to fulfill an explicit purpose.


Executive and Leadership Coaching services include personality and leadership style assessments; a focus on values based goal setting; and the option of individual or small group participation applying an action based, experiential coaching model.



I highly recommend Karen for any leadership role in change management. With her strong communication skills, and business acumen, she would bring excellence to any company she works with.

Deb Hiner Executive Recruiting Consultant at Scout Recruitment Consultants Inc

Karen is the best speaker I have encountered in speaking on motivational behavior, change management, and organizational team building. She gets to the heart of the matter in a way that is non-intrusive and motivational. Her method of interacting with the group makes it fun and challenging.

Rob Stewart Regional Sales Manager at AC Energy Systems

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    Area F16 Director for Toastmasters!...

    As incoming Area F16 Director, I will be attending the Toastmasters’ Leadership Institute July 8th. Fellow Toastmasters, please join me and fellow Officers for an educational and motivational experience! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/toastmasters-leadership-institute-tli-july-8th-2017-tickets-34784415122?utm_source=eb_email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=order_confirmation_email&utm_term=eventname&ref=eemailordconf         Continue Reading
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    International Women’s Day...

    Celebrate with me the success of women to the present day! Continue to mentor, inspire, and lead women all around the globe to aspire to be their best selves.
    THANK a woman today who has touched your life – either professionally or personally.

    Food for Thought …

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    What’s Your Trust Quotient? ...

    Webinar: Building Trust to Get Results
    PMI-SFBAC Professional Development Team
    Tuesday, April 28, 2015 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM (PDT)
    Led by Karen Haley Allen, M.A, and Tracy Wiseman, PMP
    Identify aspects of trust, learn how to build and leverage that trust within global, virtual teams to get …

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  • Karen Haley Allen leads a SUCCESS T...

    LOVE yourself and your search…….JOIN the Pleasanton Success TEAM Panel at cpc Job Connections this Sat, Feb 14th to learn the what, where, and how to unlock your job search success!!GO HERE: http://www.cpcdanville.org/ministries/care-support-cpc-care/job-connections/meeti Continue Reading
  • Kahunas Teach the Spirit of Aloha...

    Hele me kahau ‘oli
     ‘Go with Joy’     Gilbert Grosvenor
    Soft fragrant breezes encircle my body and relax my spirit as I descend the United Airlines steps onto the island soil of Honolulu, Oahu, May 28th, 1978.  The charms and culture of Aloha entranced me from the beginning….
    Aloha – It’s Island …

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